Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Management

  • Capespan has a responsibility to engage with its stakeholders meaningfully and to ensure that its activities and initiatives are communicated sufficiently. Because developing a positive corporate reputation is essential for good corporate governance.

    We have made stakeholder engagement an integral part of the way we do business. And our approach to stakeholder engagement is based on the principles of trust and respect. Significant stakeholder interaction exists through our involvement with numerous industry bodies. Our major stakeholders are shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, various governments and communities in which we operate.

  • Shareholders (current and future)

    Capespan recognises that shareholders, as the owners and providers of capital, have a legitimate expectation of security of investment, optimal earnings and returns and the ethical and sustainable management of the business for long term growth and performance.

    Capespan manages this expectation through strong board and executive leadership, good corporate governance practices and reporting at our AGM and in our annual report.


    Our employees’ wellbeing is imperative for Capespan''''s continued sustainability and the employment relationship is regulated through comprehensive employment service agreements. It is therefore imperative that continuous engagement with our employees is fostered on a range of issues that affect them and we recognise that our employees can have the following expectations: an inspiring climate and safe, healthy and congenial working conditions, a clear understanding of their job''''s and related performance standards required, to be rewarded market-related remuneration, job satisfaction, recognition and opportunities for skills acquisition, career development and empowerment.

    Capespan manages these expectations through the Capespan Group''''s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and board-approved Employment Equity Policy and broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) targets. Conducting regular organisational culture surveys and compliance with relevant employment legislation and B-BBEE codes in the territories in which we operate.

    Employee-engagement also takes place through the use of electronic newsletters, employee publications, intranet, employee feedback forums, performance management systems and climate surveys.


    Customers are the strategic focus of our business and we have undertaken a review in 2011 to ensure that our business strategy is aligned to increased customer focus, thus ensuring that our commitment to customer satisfaction is a key market differentiator. Understanding their needs is critical to providing the right products, services, quality and ensuring that our value proposition and delivery are in line with their expectation for the provision of ethical products and services in terms of safety, quality, traceability of products, grading, consistency, reliability, competitive prices, continuity in supply, product information and compliance with the various environmental and food safety standards.

    Capespan ensures that we respond appropriately to our customers'''' expectations by maintaining close personal relationships with our major customers through our normal business structures and customer publications. We also ensure that our business operations are conducted with integrity and that we are in compliance with laws, and relevant regulatory protocols where relevant.

    Suppliers and business partners

    The success of the Capespan business is reliant on a solid supplier and producer network, which can ensure reliable availability of consistent quality products, on-going innovation, timely delivery and product safety. In this regard, Capespan maintains an ongoing engagement with its producer network through personal meetings, supplier forums and electronic interaction.

    Business partners and suppliers of goods and services like packaging, transport, banks, suppliers of financial and advisory services and independent contractors are equally important in the Capespan value chain.

    Our suppliers and partners expect integrity in the business relationship, continuity of a positive business relationship and commitment to and progress in furthering B-BBEE procurement initiatives. Capespan manages this expectation in line with our Group-wide Code of Business Conduct and Ethics policies, by appointing qualified and experienced management with appropriate skills to negotiate, conclude and manage contracts and relationships, monitoring B-BBEE procurement levels of suppliers and partners and regular direct communication with major suppliers.

    Governments and regulatory bodies

    Capespan seeks to maintain sound relationships with governments and regulators in the countries in which we operate. We aim to share issues of mutual concern, contribute to policy initiatives and develop joint programmes as a responsible corporate citizen.

    These stakeholders are engaged mainly through industry structures and direct meetings with relevant departmental officials.


    The Capespan CSR Division manages the Capespan group's corporate social investment (CSI) funds, with the mandate; to add value to the lives of communities in areas in which Capespan operates - by implementing various Blue Hand social-, health- and education-development programmes. The CSR division raises additional funding for projects, where possible, through joint ventures, staff volunteerism and strategic leveraging of funding and projects.

    The Blue Hand project goals include, but are not limited to:

    • Develop/empower needy farm worker communities, for sustainable growth of company business ventures
    • Make positive, sustainable impact on communities through improving quality of life through various disciplines such as health and education services
    • Build and improve relationships with existing/potential industry and community stakeholders through forming mutually beneficial partnerships
    • Maintain the company's image and CSI reputation - strategic positioning as a leading contributor to social development in the industry
    • Enhance loyalty and pride, and attract quality social responsible staff
    • Improve the company's brand identity in communities where the company operates
    • Increase visibility of customer goodwill towards communities


    The media can expect Capespan to have informative updated websites; make transaction announcements; issue invitations to events; despatch press releases; respond to media queries in a timely and appropriate manner; and focus on developing positive relationships with media representatives.

Capespan believes in good corporate governance in our daily dealings with the world.

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